Dial Tone

Intuitive moveskeep a finger pressedfirmly on the trigger nowI'm impressedready for something newto keep pulling further down Invisible woundsthe walls look fineit's the lights that hurtUnder no duressI'm busy with the linestrying to find out what it's worth But now I'm done-now that I'm undone-with your kind of fun Ineptly soothekeep your eyes on meand … Continue reading Dial Tone


Fully dressed, bound and gaggedthis won't take longthe holes in the white flagwill prove you wrongthere's not much day lefttonight's the night uncheckedwith hands to wristsI twist the hand on my neckbut I should get outbefore you come inand see me dead on the floor Your mascara's runningand we're nowhereoh just forget the soundand read … Continue reading A/V/S/M


Let it sink indragging all the pieces lowalready breathingair is a mystery belowthe current is finebut you know it will decaypay it no mindI felt like drowning today drownway downthe siren sound So where are thosethings that you know by heart?undisclosedthey disappear before I depart departfar apartthe sirens start Disrupt the flowthe levee's a prayeryou … Continue reading Mermaids


Open eyes see nothing of the passingthe bystander glares at the scenerywhile the crowd connectsover the miseryin some strange waywe're all trespassingand is this what I will beg of me? The angels in the air grow thinand my breath just gets stuckwhile everything else is a foxtrotthe smile that makes my head spinis the mark … Continue reading Stay


Your eyes trace the blank pageno maps for this wide open cagethe asphalt's parched and wornhuddled in the cracksI am the dead seedone dropletand I'll drown us allone more of itand the ground falls there's nowhere left in here to goso go onthere's no place left out there to beso move on the wheels turn … Continue reading Humvee


Up there it's almost to the raindown here it's still anyone's gameconcrete pillars worthy of worshipneed for prayers to meet our lips ask not if you need'cause I know why it feels so... The revelation opens upit's a revolutionwe're all coming back togetheryou keep asking, what's the damage?I would've said yes anyway Outstretched hands ask … Continue reading Cigarettes

Eye Shadow

You are at the corners of the roomthe lights come on way too soontip-toeing around the cocoonit's already too earlyit's just too lateto take it on faith Are you here to unravel me?is it possible to delay?I know that you want to seebut tonight it'sanyone's game It's rife with ambiguitypaint over your eyesit's not complicityif … Continue reading Eye Shadow


You smeared your lipstickIs this an elaborate trick?the statue looks all ashamedcan't say that I feel the same shells are moving under the lamp lightthe smell of bodies out in the damp nightyou're immortal but even you can't fightthe wrongs you can't make damn right You blushget so lushfold before the royal flushYou sootheand you … Continue reading Blush

Rapid Cycle

I'll keep it under wrapsno-one's made privy tothe sick trick, the sad wraththe spider web cracksthat I'll walk you througheven flies have wingsdoesn't make them angelspulling on ghost stringsThe bells all ringsinging praises for funerals Said asidelike you are wont to dobut inside I choke down the red curebut it won't make me secureexposed, slipped, … Continue reading Rapid Cycle