Wing Deprivation

Bursting with light, above, dimmer and darker as I go the hollow heart of the pitch-black night beats down below. sounds and sights… absence of light… Lover's vows and sighs and reds and frights and pulses and beggary and payoffs too slight… Wings to carry me away from the void and into the hole up … Continue reading Wing Deprivation


Eyeless You

Give your eyes to me as you will, eventually. Surrender… Surrender… Raise the white banner and surrender and surrender it all onto me. Give your sighs to me as you will, willingly. Not so tender… Not so tender… Raise the white banner with a canticle the canticle of misery and say it with me: "You … Continue reading Eyeless You

The Cold

I try to catch your eyes from right outside the window I'm staring through and looking in I can see you crawl... ...and I know that you never felt it. (You wanted to feel anything anything at all besides the cold) I wandered out into uncharted territories and the forest of retrospect still beckoned me … Continue reading The Cold


I yearn for a voice that can shout the lies and hum the pretty voids and pour out of my eyes I want to. I want you. I want to vomit my soul to relinquish all control I yield... Why this weakness? Because the ones that lay forgotten never forget; because they arise from within … Continue reading Gone