Coming closer coming nearer coming faster like a runaway train headed straight for a restaurant ready to scatter us and all the innocent bystanders before we get a word in edgewise before we even touch before we ever kiss.


Jane DOA

As the days go by she blends into her bed all cloth and metal and rattling wheels the gurney pageant contestant a jury favourite mob scene breaths held as she dead center of the attention starts to shake you should hurry up with the results the suspense is killing her.


She's like a shallow grave the world's worst kept secret buried near the home of the one that she tried to save. She still eats my mud pies with a mouthful of worms she smiles through the flies Talking to her now is like pulling teeth; I should know 'cause I took them all after … Continue reading Teething


Candy colored garrote lines snaked around slender fingers with black polish on tips: the teeth of a piano the tensed up wires between my jaws taste like rust and too many suicide songs they scream when I bite; when plucked they moan.


You walk the straight line like a drunk slitwrist running out of time swaying side to side with all your faith in the final stretch the last step before you trip and discover for yourself just how deep the pavement goes once you finally let go

Late Bloomer

I am so curious that I make you open up bloom like a lotus that tastes just like home because once I am inside you I know there is no way out no way that I need to find no way that you need to know.