Z is for Zero Sum

Alice took a sip of her water and put the representation of the glass back on the representation of her desk.  It was important to stay hydrated through long sessions of deep dives into the subterrenea, especially when she was feeling out various networks for the emergence of the next hypermeme.  In the background, her … Continue reading Z is for Zero Sum

Y is for Youngest

Frank No-R went to a nearby wooden cabinet, opened it and retrieved a bottle.  Mitchell recognized it as whiskey – honest-to-God whiskey, none of the synth stuff.  He poured two fingers for all assembled and put the bottle back.  He took his place in the central couch and took a sip.  They all stared, waiting … Continue reading Y is for Youngest

X is for Xenium

Penance Road was simply a stretch of old and surprisingly well-maintained reasphalt flanked on both sides by glo-rods eight feet tall.  They blocked out the artificial lights bleeding through the promenade and bathed the path in a pale, ghostly white.  The halos of the rods shone light on devotional objects and tributes that laid abandoned … Continue reading X is for Xenium

V is for Vole

The rest of the ride towards Rome went in relative silence.  Every once in a while, the very faint intonations of Nipponese echoed in the background, half-drowned out by engine noise.  Mitchell was able to pick out choice curse words among the sentences spewed in their direction.  Apart from one instance where they tried to … Continue reading V is for Vole