“Paramour” Master Post

Paramour was the result of me trying out a new style I briefly played around with during the summer.  I had experimented with a similarly short-form poetry style last Winter but those poems were driven by and large by wordplay and less by the conscious effort that characterized Paramour and her (younger) sister, Revelator. The concept of Paramour was … Continue reading “Paramour” Master Post

Lockjaw French Kiss

You would have been shatterproof but for the impact hitting home the world came crashing down after that just for want of a nail but who threw the stone that broke the glass house just to see the shards rain down and scatter just to sift through it and find his diamonds nobody knows and … Continue reading Lockjaw French Kiss


Stitches underneath the lipstick the modest smirk barely held together cross- threaded lips sealed forever You opened wide to clench shut bit off more than you could chew now suck it down just swallow it just let it swim around on your tongue just get to know the taste before you let yourself choke on … Continue reading Choker


Shifting blue hues the windshield’s ghostly gleam someone’s saying something important out there something is not what it seems you should have paid closer attention and caught the signs outlined in silver flashing red as they passed you by.


You’re at the twist that changes everything as the leather warms up under you fault lines like the legs of the hole lined with shark’s teeth spread open for you inviting you in calling you out calling you calling