Anybody Else Want In On This?

I would've asked you why not, just to loosen my tongue but I didn't think I'd like the answer so I just told you it was just the wind beating on the walls every night And I can explain all the bandages if you can explain the tension does it have anything to do with … Continue reading Anybody Else Want In On This?

I Told You So Just Doesn’t Cut It

Maybe it's something in the air that makes me giddy with the vertigo there's no balance in the world anymore the scales are all broken today Did I ever tell you how close I came to flying but never took the leap? Did I ever... All these bright, brilliant specks they're all floating around us, … Continue reading I Told You So Just Doesn’t Cut It


I didn't invite all these things in but they came to stay anyway so what good came of me guarding you if you would be so defenseless when I had my back turned? But still I stood there, like a fool My gold tucked into my torn pockets I didn't feel it sliding downwards and … Continue reading Wolves