Throw away the shards Who really needs those? Now press down hard You just want to know One more breath to cut short Just make it slow I’ll take your toll Guilty as charged Inside a pair of razor-sharp arms I am safe, so far from harm The air dies as I suffer Just shape … Continue reading Sculpture


You move towards my eye you prove nothing not to me we are where and what we are barely a taste the scraps of what I lacked we hide in the exposed corners outside I found you I’ll explore if you won’t show me This time, the pressure comes slowly You soak me in your … Continue reading Pressures

Knife Games

Scratching against the bones (I love you) Crashing down all alone (With the sensation) The walls are closing in (I hate you) The air is wearing thin (A solid tension) So here's my silver knife Buried inside A moment of your life soft to the touch all alone I hear you moan...  Banging on the … Continue reading Knife Games


My riches will leave you poor face-down in the dirt, begging for more but the more and more you beg less and less I have to give. What I give is the taking, the dead-end love forsaking the mind-stealing and blunt-trauma heart-breaking. "Kind Hollow, spare some heart?" I would, if I could - if I … Continue reading Poverty…