Dear Victoria

Victoria wishes, Victoria prays she misses all the good old days she's the mistress, she's the slave she sleeps in a coffin and calls it a grave. Victoria's morbid, Victoria's slick she's in love with her black lipstick she is pallid, her life is sick her mirror's where she learned all those tricks. But I … Continue reading Dear Victoria

Three Heathers and a Veronica

We're chained to the desks hands raised in protest this isn't something we can work out in recess Oh, fuck me with a chainsaw; did you see what I saw? It looked like a waste we could grind between our careless jaws (Friends are enemies are friends) Might as well hang yourself because hell can't … Continue reading Three Heathers and a Veronica


What's left when nothing goes right and you're in the wrong? The circuits short out the current's breaking over our heads and it's taking too long Believe me I'd speak my mind if I thought you wouldn't mind But it has to be now, right now later isn't an option because it's apocalypse now apocalypse … Continue reading Contradict