“Love Lies Bleeding” Master Post

The Concept Love Lies Bleeding wasn't actually a concept when it first started, in fact, it wasn't even called Love Lies Bleeding.  At the time, I was trying my hand at abstract, metaphorical poetry that had to be grounded in context to be deciphered.  I was playing around with odd line breaks and less rhyme … Continue reading “Love Lies Bleeding” Master Post

Eve Hollow Will Never End

Everything stops dead we move ahead knowing that it's all in our heads… (if I only believed that lie...) You stand there naked with a dagger in your eye and you just take it out like you can't stand my presence there, lingering like you can withstand what my calming voice brings. I can't be … Continue reading Eve Hollow Will Never End


My riches will leave you poor face-down in the dirt, begging for more but the more and more you beg less and less I have to give. What I give is the taking, the dead-end love forsaking the mind-stealing and blunt-trauma heart-breaking. "Kind Hollow, spare some heart?" I would, if I could - if I … Continue reading Poverty…

Eyeless You

Give your eyes to me as you will, eventually. Surrender… Surrender… Raise the white banner and surrender and surrender it all onto me. Give your sighs to me as you will, willingly. Not so tender… Not so tender… Raise the white banner with a canticle the canticle of misery and say it with me: "You … Continue reading Eyeless You

Omega Gold

In my hands, I hold the carrion jewel refined carefully from the pieces you left out in the cold. It will now be sold for my weight in wounds. (stitches that only consume… gleaming omega gold…) Smile and pause put life on hold; balance it on the cutting edge and ask who was the cause. … Continue reading Omega Gold