You thought you had gone to great lengths Just to shorten the strands You aren't the only one I haven't the strength So let's see what's in your hands Resurrect, respect Speak ill of the Resurgence, resurface Speak ill now Speak Dreams in technicolor Painted on my eyelids I blink and it disappears Make a … Continue reading Crowes

The Illustrator

Cut into firewood leave all those stains Like a fire would put your breath under strain You filter through your lips The same kind of sorcery That drips from your fingertips But oh, they'll never see Blind Unkind In time You'll unwind Unravel and reveal She found her soul wandering a thousand miles away She … Continue reading The Illustrator

Vixen Perps

The bullet points hang all hollow On the surface, fully submerged Shattered lines, all swallowed Bent and crooked We're waiting for the sound to emerge Hold on tight and release Captured to find some peace White knuckles, glistening hands Blank walls and empty windows Are the ones who understand Wrought iron, wreaked havoc It all … Continue reading Vixen Perps


Dangerous materials out in the open You're not fragile so just stand still The weathervane tries not to be broken As the tongues of harsh winds move in again and for the kill Familiar hands On perfect lines And between your teeth You're grinding down the signs Just break the glass Make sure that you … Continue reading 910


Only in these forgotten rooms the ground underneath your feet was made to be worshipped if only we could believe the soft sounds always betray the harsh cold along the way seclusion is a beggar's desire and we could ride it out all the way to the fire Palms together, hands apart Nothing ends to … Continue reading Shreds