chewing the scenery neck-deep in the dry wall diet deprivation is such an ugly truth chitter chatter pitter patter under the skin noise and shapes none of it matters I’m empty inside a hole with sharp thorns scraping against the ribcage rattling them limbs on the fringes of the actual suspending all belief which one … Continue reading starvED

ouroboros. (what’s eating you?)

licking your tongue begging for a taste you’ll make yourself sick for just a cheap trick the fault line’s bleeding just get to the first droplet trace amounts can damn you just as well (prepared to end) the killer will help nobody else so help yourself save yourself prepared to end to begin again resolved … Continue reading ouroboros. (what’s eating you?)


I wear a suit made of skin it’s a form of quarantine containing things dead and hungry invisible spotted by crippled eyes 20/-20 ever wonder what it’s like inside? infliction is where emotion lives all else is just a thread in the fabric of the sieve muffled pulse screaming under the straps jaw sealed, wire … Continue reading haNNIbalEsquE


Do I taste like you? Spiral every point is vital move towards entropy you're losing your integrity pushed to the edge the swing set ledge irreligious the pious pledge Do I taste like you? Me and mine and my inclination to bring to you and yours monstrous little manifestation from me and mine to you … Continue reading tastElEss


lips stretched back teeth covered in shards the gaps in between are filling up you’re melting on my tongue the familiar feeds as it drains away the more you take the more you crave at the end of this we’ll be saved critical parts as spares pick a dysfunction lessen the other engorge expand the … Continue reading caNNIbalIzE