A Moment Eternal

Wind holds me to its bosom, sharp and sleek that depresses as I press it, sinking deeper and I try in vain just to speak as the world is growing weak Eyes to the skies the water underneath is quickly giving rise to what lies beneath From beneath the skin it eats us all even … Continue reading A Moment Eternal


The sound of bloodied teeth gnashing echoes on in the background the flying spirit is now crashing being sacrificed to this hallowed ground I hear the angels crawling I hear life, shattering your death teeth clattering Swiftly swept away from the shore massacres are the pale beyond which is my Nevermoor I'm Standing in the … Continue reading Somnivore


Safety is all around you but don't you miss the warmth sometimes? When I surround you you resort to your heartfelt pantomime There are worms in your smile eating at your mouth through the night Take off your skin now hang it by your masquerade gear you smile, and somehow and I feel glad that … Continue reading Mausoleum


You stood there, unmoving, in the doorway with that smug smile, crooked, resting on your face and I thought that you had a lot to say but your silence pushed me further into disgrace I saw you there that pitying glare was in your eyes but you didn't realize... ...I will find you I will … Continue reading Nemesis

Fault Line

Cleanse the stains… They just won't wash off Who's to blame? Did it get me off? I search for the answers that I don't want to find suspecting every truth until I created a lie While you're lying there, cold Are you watching me come undone? Compelled to look, compelled to watch Compelled to not … Continue reading Fault Line


Your velvet touch felt so sleek like silk, your voice caressed my mind and the words glistened as you speak gently rendering me fully blind I interrogated all the lies until I found one that I liked and I put your eyes under surveillance until I saw something I liked Come to me, dance around … Continue reading Inevitable