A to Z Challenge 2020 THEME REVEAL

Well, I am going to be doing the A to Z Blog Challenge this year.  Of course, me being me, I decided to come up with something difficult to start myself off with, doubly so since I am going to be choosing a format that I have never actually written in: somewhere between flash fiction … Continue reading A to Z Challenge 2020 THEME REVEAL

Ceased to Matter (A Collaboration)

Ceased mattering, mad hattering Good chattering, the bad shattering Fingers moving instead of jaws clattering Nails clawing, skin tattering Mind racing, thoughts scattering Raindrops pattering, heart battering Slathered in sweat, stray words splattering Like blood on the window, drip, drip, drabbling Old magic in the dark, tied tongues babbling Cut them out but the voices … Continue reading Ceased to Matter (A Collaboration)