Coda in E (Paramedics)

The world becomes a big mess and who's the one in distress? You just left and left me there left me to sit still and stare The hole under me is deepening cold, hard truths are seeping in I am on the wire, dangling our fingers are slowly entangling What a mess we are, disorderly … Continue reading Coda in E (Paramedics)

First Aid

Something's wrong she should have come down by now it's taking too long still not on the ground somehow I just started to fall she couldn't catch me and if she could she wouldn't care at all though I sometimes wish she would... Aren't you as tired? Aren't you sick of this flight like I … Continue reading First Aid


Flesh-to-flesh skin-to-skin less and less more within I slide against your pulse and sink my teeth right in Tongue-on-tongue mouth-to-mouth gone and done can't get out you have me almost to a fault and you let me do the digging Ecstasy you and me Teeth-on-breast hand-in-flesh heaving chest no distress I find my way into … Continue reading Exxxtasy