A to Z Challenge Master Post

Since WordPress won't let me arrange my posts chronologically, I am forced to make yet another Master Post for the 2020 A to Z Challenge.  Below are the chapters of my story, now titled The Virusalem Gambit. A is for Ante B is for Blood C is for Cut D is for Dummy E is for … Continue reading A to Z Challenge Master Post

A to Z Challenge 2020: Reflections

This year was my first A to Z Challenge proper.  I have tried last year, but I just couldn't get myself to write in the way that I wanted to, so that idea pretty much died in the cradle.  This year, I decided to take the "challenge" part a bit literally and make this a … Continue reading A to Z Challenge 2020: Reflections

X is for Xenium

Penance Road was simply a stretch of old and surprisingly well-maintained reasphalt flanked on both sides by glo-rods eight feet tall.  They blocked out the artificial lights bleeding through the promenade and bathed the path in a pale, ghostly white.  The halos of the rods shone light on devotional objects and tributes that laid abandoned … Continue reading X is for Xenium

V is for Vole

The rest of the ride towards Rome went in relative silence.  Every once in a while, the very faint intonations of Nipponese echoed in the background, half-drowned out by engine noise.  Mitchell was able to pick out choice curse words among the sentences spewed in their direction.  Apart from one instance where they tried to … Continue reading V is for Vole