meta:stasis (Stage 3 – post:mortem)

the single-track halfway wetware runs on an intrinsic innocence never meaning to is always meant to one stray spontaneity and the disintegration starts wetwork in triplicate as inside so outside 2/3 interaction is contact intertwined amounts to circulation the interface liaises between the extradecay and the intracollapse unfettered transmission surges message: you are fucked illuminated, … Continue reading meta:stasis (Stage 3 – post:mortem)

tri:age (Stage 2 – pre:mortem)

palliative measures on tongues analgesic means to painful ends band-aids on crippling mishaps cuddling the infected gash economy of availability defaults to bloodletting let them bleed descending order of urgency: pretext - context - reality distress immunology three-way split of afflictions separate the traumatic from the dramatics seal the bags of the rest dependence refines … Continue reading tri:age (Stage 2 – pre:mortem)


the movable object is weighed down by the unstoppable force not one step further keep away from the mass exceeding the need limit breaking the unsound barrier the collision course admirer gushes over the approach borderline lover almost to the point of almost there in case of emergence just break the glass alarms won't sound … Continue reading de:vastate


the subject is prone to evolve adaptability is the negative-sum game played masterfully by the loser endurance is just an experiment repeat enough times and something new will happen undermine the integrity with dogged consistency and anything will collapse the hair trigger is on a short leash but the tug of peace just won't cease … Continue reading out:break


exposed to the elements of demise my home is made of thin air it’s cut clean through without any resistance whatsoever distance contorts into proximity contradiction has a relapse nothing stands between me and the stampede of all known directions they are coming I'm all walled in encased, deadlocked all four corners collapse crucifucked I … Continue reading cruci:fuck


peel off the surface layer and the next readjust the feed do the digging mediating links groan as I pull the chain I'm the patch of rust surfaces keep peeling away keep away - no trespassing nothing to see in me nails are claw hammers hooked to the soft tiles linoleum knife effect the patchwork … Continue reading ex:coriate