I love the full contact that wipes the skin clean My fingers are all sticky from touching the wounds but I’ll never dress you in her clothes To make you your own All alone Your lips are tainted red Soon as you come I fade away And I just miss the truth Like I always … Continue reading Lipstick

Old Wounds

Come to me, Satyr Lady I have the old wounds ready scratch them open now make me see It's all in the blood rushing to my head rushing out of my head but what's the rush? Ah, just run already already I feel sick I have the old wounds ready scratch them open now scratch … Continue reading Old Wounds


No, it’s alright you can have the tomb for the night and once you’re out of sight I’ll pluck out the wings and fake the rest of the night the picture died inside the fame and it still felt just the same have we no sense of shame? someone must always be to blame Stop … Continue reading Angel


I lie here eyes on the ceiling Without fear blinded, I can feel so very clear who dares to heal? without fears who's the prisoner? Silk nooses, cotton knots and and skin shackles your hum pushes aside all the quiet jackals Now, entrap me give me your air (Tie me down) Lock these doors, push … Continue reading Prisoner


Kneel down onto my shards and now let me take charge We are darker both sharp and soft but it still hurts in my heart the salt in the wound Like an ocean in my lungs... ...You feel so divine... Down below... You keep the cold room warm thaw the frost more than most just … Continue reading Oceana