The Sandman (with S.M. Saves)

I do not sleep often so our visits are far and few once his sand's in my eyes it's goodnight for(ever and) nine hours. On occasion I share his bed getting tangled up in lucid sheets woven from the imagery fabrics in my head, and he whispers to me truths wrapped in lies He protects … Continue reading The Sandman (with S.M. Saves)

Default State (with Stef. L Schultz)

Switch tripped I wake with the alarm Diagnostic mode Step number one System check, all clear; no humans harmed Back to sleep again No feeling - that's the charm. But while collating -I think you humans call it 'dreaming'- I encounter error clusters Which become... whispers And these whispers, are they memories? Of what it … Continue reading Default State (with Stef. L Schultz)