Downstream Again

The rush ceases, calm takes its place unable to keep lying there, face-to-face with words unsaid, excuses all fading (tiptoeing the lines, the borders and shading) maybe speak out a lie or two anything to avoid what's true: that after the heat, there's nothing left anything further will be pure theft. Trying to keep that … Continue reading Downstream Again

Your Mercy

You're standing there stripped bare as if you don't know shame; but how can that be? Don't you know me? Don't you know my name? (Don't you know that I'm not sane?) And if we ever were to cover up it wouldn't shelter us from the dust so take my warmth take my clothes take … Continue reading Your Mercy

Alice’s Revenge (War Breaks Out Over A Game of Croquet)

This game is taking lives without a single reason why and to the eyes of the ones inside we look just like lovers, slowly killing each other; but it's just harmless play 'cause you know what they say that those who slay together will stay together anyway (like anointed daggers in the backs of strangers) … Continue reading Alice’s Revenge (War Breaks Out Over A Game of Croquet)