Shyly, we kiss; an indifferent touch that signals bliss as you slide down my throat and past my lungs without touching my breath at all I find you when I inhale, I find you gone All wrapped up in velvet and silk (in the dark) call it a place to rest let them look on … Continue reading Hydroxizine


Shallow wounds cradling splinters inside them instantly consume all that I hoped for again I'd stitch up your lips, adorn you with a painful lisp and poison you with every sip (let's close the wound.) I'd stitch up my eyes with rolls of gauze and leave myself in the dark looking for a cause The … Continue reading Gauze


I won't be swallowed Will you be hollow when I am? I won't be swallowed. Like pills of flowers that, when taken, bloom in my throat my constricted words fail to breathe; I can't breathe in your presence and can't breathe without you But your tears are more precious and your pain is so delicious … Continue reading Chokehold

The Beast

Speak of the Devil but not before he arrives for this dinner of souls So lavishly dining at our table divine speaking with words of honey and tones of poison so lavishly dining at our table divine with words of honey and tones of poison He will be entertaining the crows after the upcoming deathblow … Continue reading The Beast

Eyeless Me

My eyelids are empty canvasses onto which the palette’s guts are spilled my pupils are well-worn brushes I stare, and they swallow the colors that I tried to kill My fingers smell of the ache from pressuring down the throb Separate them, I say - tear the lifeless gaze from the wall Silhouettes were never … Continue reading Eyeless Me