The Skeletons In Your Wardrobe

Bloodied blades of grass where soil and stone and bones are torn asunder Stand up be proud and sharp from here on out From here on out… from where, I ask It’s some sort of superiority complex: I want to be superior to me. Widowed trees and his ropes the skeletons left their hangers to … Continue reading The Skeletons In Your Wardrobe

In the Heart of the Matter

Where does she think she's going? Maybe even she doesn't know But why is she so determined? She can't fly in this snow her wings would break as soon as they showed She likes her suffocation and the water; She’s in love with the latter She is the noose's lover China doll taking a leap … Continue reading In the Heart of the Matter

The Beast

Speak of the Devil but not before he arrives for this dinner of souls So lavishly dining at our table divine speaking with words of honey and tones of poison so lavishly dining at our table divine with words of honey and tones of poison He will be entertaining the crows after the upcoming deathblow … Continue reading The Beast

Eyeless Me

My eyelids are empty canvasses onto which the palette’s guts are spilled my pupils are well-worn brushes I stare, and they swallow the colors that I tried to kill My fingers smell of the ache from pressuring down the throb Separate them, I say - tear the lifeless gaze from the wall Silhouettes were never … Continue reading Eyeless Me


Scale the wall I’m sure it’ll help confirm that it was there all along slide against it never take your hands off so that you’ll forget the other three See how the light bends and breaks like will and wisdom and your mind I didn’t rig it that way but I met someone who had … Continue reading Touch