the inner lining corrodes the chittering things it cradles break me down like that absorb my euphoria it's a sedative absolute an abdominal home let me in let me in no anesthetic feel it basic dissolution calm down before you choke on it open wide here comes the plane crash no survivors just the carrion … Continue reading vorE


I tie knots into the wire the barbs are a perfect fit around my punctured neck my breath is all flecked the piercing wounds all whistle as I garble my words invisible slits form a concentric collar Adam's apple reduced to a pinhead invisible the garrote wire plays like a piano whistling in the noise … Continue reading oDyNophagIa


the razor-thin line broke and purity is excess the lights are committing suicide it's too much of the never enough so beautiful too real to be real designed to devastate too good to be a lie I am nothing but a twitch my hand is grinding down the kill switch I'm out of sync I … Continue reading gmo


contamination is how I can heal status quo is best dead and still waters run dry my lips shake as your prayers break against the wound let me resume let it consume dependency is another name for god after the fact thresholds only work one way you can't go back a minefield of cold tiles … Continue reading procEssED