built right into the breathing process mobius strips so much like nooses line the uncertain gallows with delusions nobody's taller than the length of the rope the executioner ties the knots with care the lifeline bears a tag to oblige: cut me the victim always revisits the scene of the murder so will every single … Continue reading hearsery


the unquestionable dependency by itself is the baser sovereign catered to with despair and care by any means necessary the inescapable is indiscriminately coveted additives to enhance or dampen are a must too much is just an empty phrase it's addiction for its own sake the junkie mantra reigns on repeat: I want more life … Continue reading deependency


observable behavior: learned desperation if and when born into containment home is taken as a set of walls lifeless and worthy of adoration the scenic view: chrome lips smile in rigor mortis broken glass teeth from ear to ear the control group: the conditioned and mutative horde with a propensity for nihilistic tangents the rats … Continue reading laboratoria


the sacrificial may be revealed as anyone as the congregation recites in worship the veneration of the veneration of the immaculate inception the incantations always change but the exaltations are the same the ceremony touches all initiating the once pristine and bound you were marked by the hand of ritualistic contamination the chapel is the … Continue reading hexual


the bioluminous core is pulsating the incubating polymorph spawn waits needle-thin legs twitching, expectant dreaming of chitinous wombs torn apart an insectine genesis a Zughanzi dissociation upon awakening to a divorce from the self of slumber the locus of control cannot dictate its own direction the corrosive hatchlings voracious by design eat right through the … Continue reading katkaesque


free-form salvation has a name: diminishment trading in of dwindling oscillations to finance an absolute flat line latched onto every junction well-wishing leeches salivate alms every little bit helps a deprivation hallelujah thin air coins for the deoxygenator tokens of my depreciation a decrease in degrees feeding off the scraps of scarcity depletion is replete … Continue reading impowerished


the killer resides in the slaughterhouse home as an idea is just a mock-up painstakingly built from the ground up a mausoleum so homely that it's a trap the right cues hand-drawn across skin are embellishments to make believe it's not a shroud safety makes itself scarcer and scarcer the longer you're confined inside you … Continue reading mimicryminal


contemplative of a hair's breadth the razor's edge is a godless acre when alternating between the bipolar borders the surface of remission frays quickly the victim is a volunteer in a way consenting to the contradiction: the infliction of damage to jump-start healing the ends never mesh with the means it's a failure carefully ensured … Continue reading lachrymatron