Trainspotting (Day Twenty-Nine and Final: Railroad Tracks)

I lay me down to sleep on the trackswith my last rites already readto watch the light at the end of the tunnelcome closer with a deafening screechand feel the vibrations like a lullabywith the scraping of metal on metal as the soundtrackto the last dream I'll ever havenow you will never get to hear … Continue reading Trainspotting (Day Twenty-Nine and Final: Railroad Tracks)

The Beaten Path (Day Twenty-Eight: Choices)

She was found off the beaten pathfeatured in the scenic routeher body bent like a swastikaan obscene twist in a picturesque sceneshe only had the clothes on her backand the syringe plunged into her armand a note in her pocket to explain nothingall that she wrote:"no comment" Prompt: Choices Written for OctPoWriMo 2020. 31 poems, … Continue reading The Beaten Path (Day Twenty-Eight: Choices)

Snuff Documentary (Day Twenty-Four: Something New)

Sometimes I imagine your body rupturing all overyour fractured skeleton jutting out of the tearsyour shell would hang in tatters like a designer dressframed in flattering, canted anglesand then you'd be the astoundingthat you always wanted to be Prompt: Something New Written for OctPoWriMo 2020. 31 poems, 31 days. Something old, something borrowed, something blue... … Continue reading Snuff Documentary (Day Twenty-Four: Something New)

Unspeakable (Day Twenty-Two: Intuitive Stir)

Hungry jackals gnawon her last gaspbarbed fangs punching holesinto her bloated lungsher children are crucified on wire hanger crossesmob justice as a serenadeode to a beloved junkie whore Prompt: Intuitive Stir (interpreted.) Written for OctPoWriMo 2020. 31 poems, 31 days. The prompt involved was to pick the first word from a nearby source, and I … Continue reading Unspeakable (Day Twenty-Two: Intuitive Stir)

Filth Effigies (Day Fourteen: The Truth)

Immolated straw dogs in rusted shopping cartsheld up like trophies on broken shouldersmove down the trampled avenuelike filth effigies in a morbid paradesiege of abandoned homeseveryone's out in the streetsit's one last party in the debrisone last scream before the lights go out Prompt: Truth Written for OctPoWriMo 2020. 31 poems, 31 days. Well, you … Continue reading Filth Effigies (Day Fourteen: The Truth)

White Phosphorous (Day Thirteen)

The scent of gum turpentine flares like a smoke signalrising from the hollow of your neckmarking the wreckage that killed everyonethe crash site turned improvised graveYou whisper through gunpowder colored strandshanging low like a curtain of unlit fuses:rumors of falling stars is white phosphorous coming downburning brightas it burns us out Did not use the … Continue reading White Phosphorous (Day Thirteen)