Two-Bit Noose

I guess the knot slipped further down the spiral. Chokehold downfall chasm deep and the screams below kill my sleep. (this is a rude awakening) You boarded the windows shut but I opened them back up dispelled your shadows and then, got to the discarding on this beautiful morning your gifts and your relics and … Continue reading Two-Bit Noose

The Skeleton Clothing Line

Brooch in the ribcage like a shawl, your rage draped over your shoulders, gets heavier and bolder. Truth heels, silhouettos clacking over tongues that are stained with lipstick colored in gossip green. I wear these pulses like favorite shirts that I despise every other minute. Ivory distress dress bought with sacrifice pearls fishnet-clad duress patterned … Continue reading The Skeleton Clothing Line

The Cold

I try to catch your eyes from right outside the window I'm staring through and looking in I can see you crawl... ...and I know that you never felt it. (You wanted to feel anything anything at all besides the cold) I wandered out into uncharted territories and the forest of retrospect still beckoned me … Continue reading The Cold


I yearn for a voice that can shout the lies and hum the pretty voids and pour out of my eyes I want to. I want you. I want to vomit my soul to relinquish all control I yield... Why this weakness? Because the ones that lay forgotten never forget; because they arise from within … Continue reading Gone


The sound of bloodied teeth gnashing echoes on in the background the flying spirit is now crashing being sacrificed to this hallowed ground I hear the angels crawling I hear life, shattering your death teeth clattering Swiftly swept away from the shore massacres are the pale beyond which is my Nevermoor I'm Standing in the … Continue reading Somnivore


Safety is all around you but don't you miss the warmth sometimes? When I surround you you resort to your heartfelt pantomime There are worms in your smile eating at your mouth through the night Take off your skin now hang it by your masquerade gear you smile, and somehow and I feel glad that … Continue reading Mausoleum