Valkyrie Falling

Misplaced your clothes You keep asking me where I put those your sword and shield are rusty and poisonous still nobody yields And everything ends so why pretend that we can't? And nothing is offset Did you forget? we just hadn't yet Cast off the sky Since when do you need the wings? You'll never … Continue reading Valkyrie Falling


Change the way you laugh This isn't a joke So why are you smiling like that? Someone broke to little pieces that fell away Someone choked on all they were trying to say The tapestry's hanging loose Ready to slip and to become a noose What's any of this, to you? Was this meant to … Continue reading Amuse-Bouche


You thought you had gone to great lengths Just to shorten the strands You aren't the only one I haven't the strength So let's see what's in your hands Resurrect, respect Speak ill of the Resurgence, resurface Speak ill now Speak Dreams in technicolor Painted on my eyelids I blink and it disappears Make a … Continue reading Crowes

Vixen Perps

The bullet points hang all hollow On the surface, fully submerged Shattered lines, all swallowed Bent and crooked We're waiting for the sound to emerge Hold on tight and release Captured to find some peace White knuckles, glistening hands Blank walls and empty windows Are the ones who understand Wrought iron, wreaked havoc It all … Continue reading Vixen Perps