Trainspotting (Day Twenty-Nine and Final: Railroad Tracks)

I lay me down to sleep on the tracks
with my last rites already read
to watch the light at the end of the tunnel
come closer with a deafening screech
and feel the vibrations like a lullaby
with the scraping of metal on metal as the soundtrack
to the last dream I’ll ever have
now you will never get to hear me say that I love you
maybe next time

Prompt: Railroad tracks

Written for OctPoWriMo 2020. 31 poems, 31 days.

Well, now that we are nearing the end, I figured a little less restraint (as if I was restrained in the other poems!) would do me some good. Then, out of nowhere, this popped into my head. I didn’t edit it much or embellish it beyond what was already there, just wrote. Ahh. That felt good!

I mean, good only in a way writing a suicide poem would feel, I guess, but hey. Such is my way.

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