A to Z Challenge Master Post

Since WordPress won’t let me arrange my posts chronologically, I am forced to make yet another Master Post for the 2020 A to Z Challenge.  Below are the chapters of my story, now titled The Virusalem Gambit.

A is for Ante
B is for Blood
C is for Cut
D is for Dummy
E is for Exit Card
F is for Follow Suit
G is for Grand Slam
H is for Heading a Trick
I is for Incorrect Deck
J is for Joker
K is for Kill
L is for Left Bower
M is for Marked Card
N is for Natural
O is for Overtrump
P is for Pot Limit
Q is for Quads
R is for Real Deal
S is for Suck Out
T is for Tonk Out
U is for Under the Gun
V is for Vole
W is for Wastepile
X is for Xenium
Y is for Youngest
Z is for Zero Sum

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