“Love Lies Bleeding” Master Post

The Concept

Love Lies Bleeding wasn’t actually a concept when it first started, in fact, it wasn’t even called Love Lies Bleeding.  At the time, I was trying my hand at abstract, metaphorical poetry that had to be grounded in context to be deciphered.  I was playing around with odd line breaks and less rhyme than I used to do.  Little by little, as the poems accumulated, a concept began to emerge.  It went through some solid editing in the years to come – the fat was trimmed and expressions were amended to make sure they were good enough.


At its heart, Love Lies Bleeding is the story of two lovers who meet and fall in love when neither is actually in a very good place.  Johnny Valentine is especially troubled.  The end result becomes that he drowns in his dark thoughts and obsessions.  Eve Hollow, on the other hand, just as messed up as Johnny at the time of their meeting, has no choice but to carry on, discovering, in the process, that she can.

I won’t be giving away too much of the actual story, because I want you to imagine for yourselves how the parts fit.


I: The Eyes of St. Valentine

  1. Eyeless Me
  2. The Beast
  3. My Home the Catacombs
  4. In Tongues
  5. In the Heart of the Matter
  6. The Skeletons in Your Wardrobe
  7. Chokehold
  8. Gauze
  9. Hydroxizine

II: The House of Eve Hollow

  1. Suicide Talisman
  2. Eve Hollow
  3. Bleak Thing
  4. Porcelain Lullaby
  5. Judasina
  6. Heartless Lover
  7. Constricted Content
  8. Poverty of Velocity
  9. Sisyphus Again

III: The Ends

  1. Inevitable
  2. Fault Line
  3. Nemesis
  4. Clarity?
  5. Clean Hands
  6. Heartless Hymn
  7. The Body of Proof
  8. Mausoleum
  9. Somnivore
  10. A Moment Eternal

IV: While the Heart Still Beats

  1. Gone
  2. Sometimes I Feel
  3. The Cold
  4. This Last Dance

V: Eve Hollow Will Never End

  1. She is the Mask
  2. The Skeleton Clothing Line
  3. Two-Bit Noose
  4. Omega Gold
  5. Eyeless You
  6. …of Vision
  7. Wing Deprivation
  8. The Ceiling Marionette
  9. Poverty…
  10. Return to the House
  11. Overstayed
  12. Eve Hollow Will Never End

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