I’m so sorry
that this sanity left you all alone
and this vanity left you in the cold (swallow all)

(Drink me)
Can’t you see?
It’s just me.

I said destroy,
but you kept building;
I tore it down,
but you kept building;
stop, I said, go,
swallow me whole
and you said you only wallow…

…don’t stay.
Get out of the house.
Escape the midnight joy,
go away, go away…

One last kiss on my mouth,
and I scream, destroy
and then you find a home.

Can’t you see?

This poem is a companion piece of sorts to the previous “chapter” of the story, hence it was posted back-to-back.  It also marks the penultimate chapter of Eve Hollow Will Never End, as well as Love Lies Bleeding.

To be concluded.

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