Constricted Content

Pulling to both sides
in love with this rip tide
clinging to the lies
tied to our insides
You’re slinging more guilt
in my direction
just to make me wilt
and find satisfaction

Breathing in the distance
exhaling the flies
while wearing shamelessly
a lover’s disguise
with the poison on our tongues
and the fury in my eyes
we are facing down the face of sacrifice

Is this a new trend,
making useless amends?
Carve it on headstones,
engrave it on my bones
then slam the final nail home
I just wish to be gone

In bed with illusions, at the tip of the lash
as all the cigarettes burned to ash
we were flying so high
I was bound to crash
and the damage was then done in a flash

It’s contentment’s suicide
there was no note –
except for all the lies that I just wrote.

One thought on “Constricted Content

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