Suicide Talisman

Touch the skin so cold
Your nails erode the fabric
in this shameless pledge;
we’re lost to the sway
of this pure black magic
and it takes me to the edge…
it takes me to the edge…

I look down.
An abyss… underneath
I see you.
We kiss.

All these cruel intentions…
Why didn’t you draw your conclusions?
Doubts are curious, waiting, eager…
so why didn’t you just draw your conclusions?

“I don’t care if they know…”
I don’t care if they know,

They’ll look in,
so why didn’t you draw them a picture?

They’re waiting out there,
but I don’t care if they know,
I’ll tear myself open anyway

Put my heart in your pocket and it may stop the bullet
they say, you never pull the trigger, but other things make you do it
and they are all right outside now
and they will never come in
’cause they’re all waiting…
they’re all waiting waiting… for you.

This begins part two of “Love Lies Bleeding.”

5 thoughts on “Suicide Talisman

  1. Locked embrace, brow pressed against your face, held fast and eyes shut tight. To breathe it in is to live again. Expire into the respirator. Relax and fall back, both carried on and carried away. At the mercy to be ripped away on the currents of fate. Once again to wash up on the sand bank at the dusk or dawn of a new day. We might not know where we are, but we fall for the same damn thing, every time, no matter what they may say.


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